Henley Street


The Henley Street project saw the redevelopment of the previously outdated paving at the upper end of the street. The new paving boasts a modern vibe and really brings to light the historical features and significance that is the Birthplace of William Shakespeare. In addition, the street lighting has all been redesigned and replaced as well as the inclusion of a number of feature lights for some of the standout features along the street.

One significant element of the works saw the erection of a brand new, proud  statue of Shakespeare himself. The statue sits on a newly built set of concrete steps at the southern end of Upper Henley Street,

The scheme also included the decluttering of the street by removing a considerable amount of furniture that had degraded over the years. New timber benches, stools and trees have all been fitted/ planted along the street.

We Delivered

Tandem Projects have taken this project from what was its inception/ feasibility right through to its practical completion and handover back to the client, Stratford-on-Avon District Council. This included taking on the responsibility for the concept, developed and technical design for the street. Tandem also administered and carried out the procurement process for the appointment of the principle contractor.

Tandem also adopted the role of producing the applications for funding from the Coventry & Warwickshire LEP (CWLEP), and also overseeing the process of the funding drawdowns.

New Hospital Accommodation


The project is to provide new hospital accommodation including scanner suite and operating theatres, in the shortest possible timeframe to meet the urgent demands of the NHS.

We Delivered

Tandem Projects have formed a partnership with a modular building contractor – Catfoss, to deliver turnkey solutions to the NHS urgent development requirements. Tandem Projects provide full project and contract management of the schemes working with the contractor and the client team to deliver the projects in the most effective and efficient manner, often months quicker than more traditional build programmes.

We Innovated

The client team often struggles to keep pace with the project requirements and need for information and approval. Tandem have implemented weekly meetings with the client where the strict design approval and RFI process is reviewed, updated and signed off to allow the design to keep pace with the rapid progress of the project.