Don’t put off challenges . . .

All week, I have had a significant project challenge to tackle.  I have been putting it off and when it got to Thursday evening, I thought, I need to sort that tomorrow!

In a similar vein when the early morning Friday wake up alarm went off; it was dark, frosty and unwelcoming outside.  However, a hilly cross country run beckoned…

Secretly wishing that the run was not on this week’s training plan, I pulled on the trail shoes and headed out over the fields…I seemed to automatically just take each field and hill, one bit at a time…before long the overall run distance became less of a challenge.  As the morning sun started to come up, it actually became a privilege to be out running and enjoying the moment.

On getting to the office, with I do not deny a large mug of coffee on desk, I thought I could take this same approach to dealing with the difficult and troublesome project issue hanging over the week.  It certainly helped and within an hour, what first seemed a big issue became deliverable when broken into small steps.

Nothing too earth shattering here, but every now and then we all need to be reminded that larger more complex tasks are overcome by breaking them down into smaller parts.

As a project manager I would also advise a good plan is an equally good place to start.  But the message is do not let the scale of the challenge or issue stop you getting started. An article I read some time back, relating this to life generally is a good read for those needing further help in this regard.