Spiers and Hartwell

Project Name:  Cold Distribution Store 
Location: Evesham
Client: Spiers & Hartwell
Net Value: £12,500,000.00


Spiers & Hartwell Ltd is the leading fruit and vegetable distributor in Evesham and operates a fleet of over 60 trucks to destinations all over the UK. The company wanted to review options of refurbishment and upgrading of the current Blackminster site and the opportunity of relocating to a new site. 

We provided strategic, business and project advice for all of these options to be comprehensively assessed. This including working with a full consultant team that were engaged through Tandem and providing Spiers & Hartwell with a single point of contact. Currently we are supporting the land purchase of a potential site and putting in place plans for developing the site. The combination of our knowledge and experience of delivering warehouse buildings, transportation depots, chilled spaces and internal automation were key in providing solid and dependable delivery programmes and costs for the client to make decisions.


Project Challenge

Our Response

There were many options to consider and maintain

Following establishing a clear set of client requirements, Tandem broke the needs of the project into a number of categories. Cost plans were established to allow a clear build-up of total cost to be understood. In addition, we also provided clarity around the cost of developing particular sites and sizes of buildings. This included additional development for investment potential.

Establishing site requirements

Across all commercial development sites, there is pressure on available infrastructure from the allowable supply and base network. Tandem established at an early stage the baseline minimum requirements for the site along with additional contingency for likely future requirements. This informed and helped the land purchase arrangements.