NSN International Rebranding

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NSN International Rebranding






Finland’s Nokia took a business decision to buy out the 50% share of their German joint business partner Siemens. The deal cost £1.45bn. The move made Nokia a major player in supplying the infrastructure for mobile networks, with the NSN division becoming the largest inside Nokia – its revenues became roughly twice that of its handset business. A pre-requisite of the deal was that the previous branding of the merger business had to be completely removed from all electronic, paper and physical offices etc., within a short time scale.  Our client ‘Modulex’ won the service agreement / contract to install the new company signage on all buildings and properties across the world.  The scale of this task in a short time frame was immense.

Modulex knew of our capability and experience in delivering challenging projects under tight timescales.  They asked if we could support them with the arrangements of scoping the work over 300 properties around the world, arrange manufacture, shipping and the coordination of existing signs being removed, and new ones installed.

On quick analysis of the task, we had no time to travel anywhere.  This all had to be completed from the UK.  Years ahead of what would become the norm, we worked via video conferencing,  interpreters and recommendations of key contacts.

It was a very demanding programme, chasing deliverables around the world clock to make it happen. It was incredibly rewarding.  As a team we did it!