Kirby Corner Car Park

Project Name:  Kirby Corner Multi-Storey Car Park 
Location: Warwick
Client: University of Warwick
Net Value: £9,800,000.00


The Kirby Corner Car Park is a multi-storey (with an element of enhanced surface parking) car park, totalling 1300 spaces. 

Tandem managed the construction phase of this project following the departure of the previous PM. The project itself was relatively straightforward, however, there were multiple sub-projects required to make the overall development work, which added a greater degree of complexity to the overall programme.  


Project Challenge Our Response
Multiple sub-projects feeding main project. This required the development to be run as a programme rather than a single project, to ensure all aspects dovetailed into the overall delivery of the car park.
Having not been involved in the early stages of the project there were challenges associated with knowledge gaps.

There was a lot of referring back to historic e-mails to determine what was agreed to prevent the contractor from taking advantage of the personnel changes

There were a number of specialist requirements to the overall programme of works.

Tandem felt were better procured as specialist works in advance and separate to the main contracts. This meant that specialist contractors could be procured to minimise the risks associated with approvals, registrations etc.