De La Rue R&D Centre

Project Name:  The R&D Technology Centre
Location: Overton
Client: De La Rue
Net Value: £4,600,000.00


The R&D team needed a part laboratory, part office environment, that was suitably robust to uphold both UK Sterling and European Euro security standards. With an existing sub-standard office building within the secure printing works site, Tandem were tasked with developing a modern, visitor-welcoming technology centre. The objective was to create a working space that would allow ideas to become reality faster than before.

There was a need to support the De La Rue board in understanding how the project would be delivered, decisions required, cash flow and timescales. In parallel we provided the more typical project management services of pre and post-contract, supporting the consultant team and ensuring the construction and fit-out were completed efficiently.


Project Challenge Our Response
Making it fit in an existing building. Our client for a number of reasons needed to create this new facility within an existing building. The building was not ideally suited to a laboratory. With innovative ductwork design and building layout we made this work and transformed a building into an award-winning laboratory.
No technology allowed in a technology centre!. Given the level of security required when working with De La Rue and specifically on one of their sites, we were not permitted on site to have mobile phones, laptops, or communication devices. This meant that face-to-face documentation needed to be transferred by post and by hand It forced project plans and communication management to become critical.