Belgrade Theatre

Project Name:  Refurbishment of Auditorium
Location: Coventry
Client: Belgrade Theatre 
Net Value: £1.200,000.00


This challenging project involved the refurbishment of the main auditorium and front-of-house areas in this Grade 2 listed theatre, including the complete replacement of the 900 seats and the main house stage sound and lighting installation. A further phase saw the replacement of the roof to the office block, prior to the installation of a Photo-voltaic cell array to allow the theatre to benefit from solar-generated electricity.

Tandem have worked with the theatre since our inception and our people have delivered more than 10 projects for this client over the last 15 years. They placed their trust in Tandem Projects to advise them at all stages of development and to help them realise their aspirations for the continued development of the theatre. In this case, we first undertook a detailed feasibility study to determine the best way to progress the sensitive refurbishment of this historic space. Detailed internal laser surveys were undertaken of the space to accurately capture the existing features. We then commissioned a full design team, managed the design process and procured suitable contractors, experienced in both theatrical and historic buildings. Working closely with the local authority conservation officer and the Theatre’s Trust, we restored the auditorium to its former glory and made it suitable to deliver modern theatre for many years to come.


Project Challenge Our Response
Risk of Asbestos delaying works – the theatre is a very complex building and has been built in the late 50s In order to reduce the risk of delays, we worked with the designers to identify specific routes for cabling etc. to understand all areas that might be disturbed by the works, in order to direct detailed R&D survey to all areas.
The theatre needs to remain operational for as much of the construction period as possible.

The overall package of works was broken down into its constituent parts and put together in packages of work that can be carried out during summer shutdown, or those can be done whilst the theatre is operational.



We’ve worked with Tandem on several projects and I am impressed by their commitment to us as their client, and their drive to see projects through. Our most recent project was tricky and the Tandem team worked well together and brought all players to the table to bring it to a successful conclusion.

Joanna Reid

Executive Director