Academic Square

Project Name:  Academic Square Remodelling
Location: Warwick 
Client: University of Warwick  
Net Value: £550,000.00


The Chairman of WMG was unhappy with the appearance and tight access into the entrance to his office and required an improved scheme which also fitted in with the University’s long-term landscaping vision for the campus. Entrance to the area was provided by 2 small bridges over the main storm water drainage channel and acted as the main pedestrian route across campus. It was decided that to improve the appearance and flow of pedestrians the stormwater channel would be culverted, and a new plaza would be created. 

We took the project from its inception, through the initial concept design stage, the appointment of the design team, detailed design, procurement and construction to operation. Tandem managed all aspects of the project, including multiple stakeholders, design team, contractor, internal supply departments (e.g., Maintenance, AV, IT etc.) to ensure full coordination

Project Challenge Our Response

Due to planning issues the project was delayed from the proposed summer holiday period and started as the new student intake came back to the University. This caused major logistical issues and meant that the heavy civils works to culvert the channel would be undertaken during its peak flow over the winter.


To try an alleviate these issues a phased approach to the construction was suggested by Tandem during the tender period and ensured that throughout most of the project full pedestrian access was provided.


It was also agreed that the edge of the site would be flexible to allow it to be moved out for certain operations, deliveries etc. and moved back. This required continuous conversations between the site, PM and stakeholders to ensure all were aware.