Within the Science and Technology sector, the deliverables are about driving discovery and innovation, as well as finding answers to unsolved problems. Here, Tandem adopts this same approach and we work hard to provide innovative solutions, along with the rest of the project team, throughout the life of the project.

Science-based projects are challenging and demanding. They ask a lot of building services and typically squeeze every inch of value from every aspect of the building. Specific demands put on buildings used for science could include security of innovation, environmental zoning, specific power and lighting requirements and suitability of specialist materials. Knowledge of how to incorporate these and the right people to have within our team for successful delivery is something we feel confident about delivering.

We are currently very pleased to be working together with HR Wallingford. HR Wallingford provides world leading analysis, advice and support in scientific engineering and environmental hydraulics within the water management industry. With our people having previously delivered award-winning projects for HR Wallingford, it is exciting that we are again helping this client improve and develop their building systems and efficiencies.