Choosing the people to manage your project is based on confidence. Therefore the relationship between Tandem and our clients is based on trust.

Project Director
Graham Black
Project Director

Whilst what we deliver is often material and technical, it is the experience, ability, commitment and style of our people that are key.  We understand that it is people that build projects; listening, working together, supporting and ensuring the team understands the strategy and route to completion is something we deliver with commitment and passion.

Pushing processes is simply not enough.  Our people, whilst professionally qualified, come from practical backgrounds to ensure that we understand and manage the detail, along with advising, with confidence, on the entire lifecycle from the outset.

We treat each project as though it were our own, whether in terms of spend, deadline or required quality. At Tandem, this approach and always looking for ways to improve, comes as standard.

Together we can…

The Tandem Way

1 Listen

In order to deliver a project successfully, the development of a clear, detailed, yet uncluttered brief is essential. To do this effectively, the often-overlooked ability to simply listen to clients is something we do at Tandem Projects. We then use what we have heard to help and guide our clients to refine how their aspirations are defined in terms of project objectives and deliverables. The translation of what the client needs and would like, into the language understood by our industry, is critical and ensures that, at all times, we are heading in the right direction and not what the project team assumes the client may want.

2 Plan

A plan can mean so many things; at Tandem we believe it’s simple – it is a communication tool to agree, maintain the strategy and review the progress of activity to deliver the project.

How the plan is produced and what it looks like is not important – yes we have the latest software and can draw Gantt charts when needed, but it is the process of getting there that it the key. At Tandem Projects we can ‘think’! We have lots of paper and pens, experience and the ability to draw a bespoke plan for each and every project. Once drawn, our plans can be communicated, updated and by actually working with teams, be used as a primary tool to deliver the project, as opposed to simply ticking a box that a plan was once created!

3 People

Although most of what a project produces is demonstrated through outputs and deliverables, in facilities, buildings or environments – it is actually the effort and interaction of people and teams that ultimately deliver the project. The skill of guiding, helping, supporting and working with these people is probably the most important thing we at Tandem bring to projects. Our industry is obsessed with boxing up and categorising members of the team into their professional disciplines; we don’t see this as always practically essential, and prefer to engender the together we can… approach. We are however not afraid to be firm and maintain control. Experience shows that if a team approach is adopted from the start, it is rare to have people who do not want to do their best and a deliver good job!

4 Deliver

Whilst we are proud and confident of the efficient Tandem processes and our ability to work with and bring together people and teams, when all said and done projects have to deliver something. Our strategy and how we help the team focus needs to be directed to ensure that the right quality of product, in line with the agreed design, can be safely and efficiently delivered. To this end, our people are contractually aware, and are confident in dealing with the pressures and challenges of construction. As a result of our people’s experience and ability, we are able to provide and help the construction teams. The management of risk to avoid mistakes, conflict and problems is a key role that we provide.

5 Review

Both as individuals and teams, we all learn from our experiences. It is important that as well as listening at the start and throughout a project, we also listen and reflect at key gateways/milestones as well as upon completion. Only if we identify what we have learned and can improve upon going forward, can we continuously improve for the future. Experience alone is not a great asset unless you make something of it.

6 Share

We do not believe that there is any advantage or benefit to keeping our experience and methods of delivering projects successfully to ourselves. Indeed we find that if we share knowledge and help others they are equally as likely to reciprocate with us. This creates a much more enjoyable environment and culture within which to work. We really enjoy the project environment and the breadth of people we get to meet; such a culture is positive for all. We have also extended this commitment to also providing lecture support at a number of Universities and having students spend time with us to share best practice and new ideas.

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